• Mr. Shadow
  • Moonlight
  • Rain Cloth

Savannah and the Stringz

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…well-played and superbly-arranged… A great disc.

Russell W. Elliot, Musical Discoveries

The arrangements for piano and strings are sexy and clever…
…the original material on this album is superbly crafted.

Adam Baruch, Jazzis

Singer‐Songwriter’s Savannah’s genre-hopping trio balances new forms of sonic expression, and good‐old pop‐music appeal. Three bold musicians of diverse backgrounds unite to fight the forces of musical evil. Their means: a pallet of moods and emotions – from heart‐wrenchingly romantic, to audaciously crunchy; always adventurous and filled with a love of music.

The Trio has received grants from several sources including ACUM and the Israel Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs.


  1. Recipe for Catastrophe
  2. Superstition
  3. Train Song
  4. Raincloth
  5. Moonlight
  6. Mr. Shadow
  7. Better Off Alone
  8. Winter / Silent All These Years
  9. Warp and Weft
  10. Revolutionary Biscuits of Italy


Savannah and the Stringz are
Savannah Zwi vocals, piano
Tomer Einat violin, vocals
Noam Elron double bass, vocals, glockenspiel, tambourine

Recorded by Bill Tsur and Yonatan Kossov at Bardo Studios, Ramat Gan Israel.
Mixing and mastering by Yoram Vazan at Firehouse Studios, Tel Aviv, Israel.

All songs by Savannah Zwi; except for (2) by Stevie Wonder, and (8) by T. Amos and M. Ellen.
Arrangements by Savannah and the Stringz; except for (2), (5) and (10) by Noam Elron, and (8) by Savannah Zwi and Noam Elron
Produced by Savannah and the Stringz.


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