• Resurrection
  • בוער בעצמותייך
  • Tango Ananim
  • Blood Brain Barrier

Participant Observation

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It has been 8 years since my previous solo album. This period was spent making a lot of music with and for other people, experiences that have brought me to this project standing on much firmer ground – a smarter person and a much better musician.

The project features a larger ensemble and more elaborate compositions, but the voice is the same voice – intricate counterpoint laid over asymmetric and pseudo-ethnic beats, balancing “written and prepared” with a fair amount of risk (calculated?)

The players were brilliant, the engineers first class, and the artwork a blast. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it.


  1. Groove Nitzanim
  2. Boer Beatzmotekha
  3. Tango Ananim
  4. Resurrection
  5. Participant Observation
  6. Blood Brain Barrier
  7. When I Shoot Myself in the Foot
  8. Asymmetric Rain


Written, arranged, and produced by Noam Elron

Avichai Ornoy  ::  flute
Tomer Einat  ::  violin
Galia Hai  ::  viola
Orel Oshrat  ::  piano
Matan Assayag  ::  drums
Noam Elron  ::  bass

Featuring Amit Friedman on tenor saxophone (tracks 2 and 8)

Recorded at Kicha Studios by Marko Gurkan
Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Jacobi at Jaffa Sound Arts

Art and design by Sarit Evrani

The production was made possible by generous grants from The Rabinovich Foundation and ACUM


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