• Constante anhelo
  • Sababa 5
  • An interesting young woman


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Fascinating… Should appeal to fans of John Zorn’s mystical projects and fans of Anat Cohen (and family).

Michael Ricci, AllAboutJazz.com

Brimming with inspired performance, a variety of ethnic influences and magical interplay, Fluctuation is Elron’s brilliant solo debut recording. Displaying the tasteful restraint and maturity of seasoned artistry… an authentic beauty of an album.

Mike Roots, Roots Extract

…subtlety and understatement on this lyrical and introspective effort… Elron is captivating as both a bassist and a composer on the promising Fluctuation.

Alex V. Henderson

Since music of such quality does not expire with time, I urge all the listeners who like challenging original music, which is completely non-conservative, to seek a copy of this little gem ASAP.

Adam Baruch, Jazzis

Fluctuation is the debut of double-bass player and composer Noam Elron as band-leader. After many years as a sideman and arranger, and a few projects for film and theatre, Elron has put together a tight outfit of some of Israel’s most impressive young Jazz talent, and together they serve a helping of Elron’s compositions and one piece by Piazzolla.

Elron’s romantic melodies and intricate contrapuntal arrangements are set against a backdrop of hard to define “pseudo-ethnic” rhythms, inspired by Middle-Eastern, South-American and Flamenco music. The sinuous solos of NYC-based flautist Hadar Noiberg, the unique guitar of Dima Gorelik, and the nimble drums of Noam Landsman bring the music to life and make this album a delight.


  1. An interesting young woman
  2. Los agvañotes
  3. Constante anhelo
  4. Sababa 5
  5. Oblivion
  6. Hydra variations in F# minor
  7. Fluctuation
  8. The day without time


Hadar Noiberg   ::   flute, alto flute
Dima Gorelik   ::   guitar
Noam Elron   ::   double bass
Noam Landsman   ::   drums, percussion
Yohai Cohen   ::   daf (on 1 and 6)

All selections written and arranged by Noam Elron, except for track 5 written by Astor Piazzolla, track 8 written by Noam Elron and Dima Gorelik, and tracks 1 and 6 arranged by Noam Elron and Hadar Noiberg.

Recorded by Bill Tsur and Yaniv Paz at Bardo Studios, Ramat Gan, Israel. Assistant engineers: Ofer Froind and Daniel Anglister. Mixed by Uri Barak at Kicha Studios. Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain.

Art & Design: Sarit Evrani

Produced by Noam Elron.

This project received support from the Israel Ministry of Culture.


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