Noam Elron began his musical career only in his late twenties. In the past decade, however, he has closed many gaps. Having studied the double-bass privately under Eli Kosov, Merav Reuel-Moyal and Gilad Abro, he has become an in-demand player, taking part in a multitude of projects, both live and in the studio (playing Rock, R&B, traditional and contemporary Jazz, ECM, Nu-Jazz, Funk, Cabaret, and whatnot), and appearing on some of Israel’s finest venues and festivals (Israel Festival, Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival, Caesarea Jazz Plus, to name a few). In parallel, he studied composition with Prof. Arik Shapira, Shai Cohen and Aviya Kopelman.

During this period Noam has also produced and co-produced a number of critically acclaimed releases, ranging from old-school NEW ORLEANS Jazz and the contemporary UMAMI QUARTET, all the way to the genre-leaping chamber-pop of SAVANNAH AND THE STRINGZ.  In addition he has created music for several short films (mainly animation) and theater.

Noam’s latest endeavor, PARTICIPANT OBSERVATION, out in 2019, is an ambitious album of original music featuring a flute-led Jazz quartet and two string players. This long awaited follow-up to the well-received FLUCTUATION further explores Noam’s musical language, juxtaposing intricate counterpointing melodies over driving grooves.


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