• Riga Heels
  • Noa Nemashim

A First Taste of Umami Quartet

A First Taste of Umami Quartet


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[Umami] make extensive use of space, and their material tends to have a pensive, reflective quality

Alex V. Henderson

Umami Quartet take their name from the fifth flavor, which is not really well recognized or well-defined here in the West. Their music, on the other hand, is a serving of well-crafted and groovy contemporary Jazz, which will put a smile on any Jazz lover’s face.

Opening with the theatrical Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year celebration), which metamorphoses into a sizzling saxophone solo, the album oscillates between the melodic and thoughtful tenderness of Phetal and Weak Branch and the aggressive dark moods of pieces like Three Shots of Whiskey and the closing Riga Heels.

Comprised of four of Israel’s impressive young Jazz talents, this recording is their debut as a group.


  1. Rosh Hashana
  2. Three Shots of Whiskey
  3. Noa Nemashim
  4. Phetal
  5. Old Green Teddy Bear
  6. Binor
  7. Weak Branch
  8. Riga Heels