Noam Elron is a bit of a strange bird on the music scene. Although a music lover from a young age, he began to actively make music seriously only in his mid-twenties. Thus he is a recent arrival, having little institutional training.

In the few years since then, however, he has closed many gaps. Having studied the double-bass privately under Eli Kosov, Merav Reuel-Moyal and Gilad Abro, he has become an in-demand player, taking part in a variety of projects, both live and in the studio (playing Rock, R&B, traditional and contemporary Jazz, ECM, Nu-Jazz, Funk, Cabaret, and whatnot), and appearing on some of Israel’s finest venues and festivals (Israel Festival, Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival, Caesarea Jazz Plus, to name a few). In parallel, he studied composition with Prof. Arik Shapira, Shai Cohen and Aviya Kopelman.

The past three years have been particularly fruitful for Noam. He has completed his self-produced début album FLUCTUATION, featuring Hadar Noiberg, Dima Gorelik and Noam Landsman. UMAMI QUARTET, a contemporary Jazz outfit co-led by Noam has also recorded its début, and has toured extensively. During this time he has also made first steps in the world of music for film and theatre (see section on this site).


Noam’s latest endeavour is SAVANNAH AND THE STRINGZ, a genre-leaping trio with Australian-born singer-songwriter Savannah Zwi and violin prodigy Tomer Einat. The band performs regularly and has recently released a recording.

Noam is an expert in acoustics and audio signal processing, working on a variety of enterprises related to the pro-audio industry.